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To be expected since the LA Times published their article, the usual outspoken anti homeopathy activists, Novella, Gorski, Caulfield and others are in a panic mode. I’m taking this opportunity, as a supporter of integrative medicine, to say why I think this research is long overdue. Yes, my family has used homeopathy; and have even had a family homeopath, for the past three decades.

Science based medicine has given us antibiotics that no longer kill bacteria. More deaths, more gangrenous limbs and body parts surgically removed. In 2000, several large drug companies stopped researching new antibiotics because it was not profitable enough for them: .


In addition, science based medicine has limited every doctor’s ability to control pain with only addictive opioid pain relievers. Our society’s taxpayers foot the bill for costly drugs, emergency care and drug treatment rehab facilities. Municipalities in cities across the United States can no longer afford the cost of the potentially life saving overdose drugs. As a result, many are filling class action law suits against pharmaceutical companies for their role in this crisis. It should be obvious to most of us that the status quo is no longer the outcome patients, doctors, communities and our society wants, needs or deserves.

Since the mid 1800’s, the practice of homeopathy has done more to treat acute and chronic illness and disease, as well as diseases resulting from epidemics, pandemics, natural and nuclear disasters (Chernobyl; e.g. radiation burns, thyroid cancer)than any other form of medicine. In comparison, science based medicine is still taking baby steps.

Why argue about what is; or is not “scientifically proven?” Let the researchers prove or disprove the effectiveness of homeopathy. The time is now, the need is justifiable and the opportunity made possible by a generous gift. As a society striving to meet the needs of every patient effectively and at lower costs, every medical practitioner and patient should be grateful for this forward looking approach. In my opinion, if the skeptics cannot remain open minded to a bolder integrative approach to health care instead of kvetching, they need to step aside.

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February 10 2017 How mercury triggered the age of autism. https://youtu.be/KiT7Y233404

February 9, 2017 Exhaustive RAND Corporation review of vaccine side effects finds strong evidence that vaccines cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome, myalgia, seizures, meningitis, encephalitis and more


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